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Servicing Your Transmission

Automatic transmissions are a complex electronic & pressure controlled unit which rely on delivery of clean/filtered lubricants to all parts of the transmission.
It is also essential to ensure that your transmission oil is effectively cooled.
These measures ensure an extended life of the many moving internal parts of the transmission and early intervention is key in avoiding unnecessary costs to repair your transmission.
Around 60% of vehicles with transmission problems that come through our workshop have failed because of lack of servicing.
All automatic transmissions are serviceable despite what you may have heard and servicing is key to detecting and identifying potential premature failures in your transmission.
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Transmission Fluids

Using the correct fluids in your transmission is vital.
Todaysí transmissions require the use of manufacturer recommended fluids.
Use of the wrong fluid can have a major impact and can cause transmission failure.
At Southern Automatics we have all the fluids necessary for all makes and models designed for your transmission.
Please ensure your repairer is using the correct fluids.
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